Stop the world…

4 Oct

At the age of 31 I finally feel that I might have an intimate understanding of the saying “stop the world I’d like to get off please”. I thought beginning to feel angered at the pace with which the world is passing me by would occur perhaps in my 50’s, my 40s at the earliest, but I find myself looking around and being genuinely fearful of who we, the inhabitants of the aforementioned spinning planet are becoming.

I am writing about this today as I am beginning to grate on the raw nerve of my loved ones as I rant about the subject matter of my blog… Why can’t you put your sodding smartphone down while I am talking to you, or more to the point, this morning as I gazed around the parent/toddler group, at least put the sodding thing down when your kids are talking to you. Don’t ask me blankly whilst inadvertently checking your twitter, why little Fergus Junior won’t do a damn thing you ask, or behave when YOU want some peace and quiet, because the way I am feeling at the moment I may just tell you the whole fearful sodding truth. He wants some sodding attention! Get off facebook/twitter/instagram or whatever else life or death social networking or shopping situation you feel is more deserving of your attention, pick up that plastic cow Fergus Jr has been trying to hand to you for the last ten minutes and PLAY WITH YOUR SODDING CHILD! OK rant almost over. Perhaps.

I enter a shop and the till attendant is texting whilst serving. I talk to my sister about her day and her eyes barely leave the screen of her latest iPhone to give me a hmmm in almost all of the right places. My own mother fails to lift her eyes from her samsung to look at me when she greets me hello when I turn up for a cuppa. My husband can not get through a 2 second conversation with me without an annoying ping from work interupting us, and good golly do I resent that ping. He has to check, he can’t help himself, conversation whether important or not….over while he responds to some other fellow workaholic on a Friday evening.

I am picturing a future of SPA Smart Phone Anonymous, and you may well smirk, and god knows I may still end up in attendance – the way of the world is the way of the world, but for now, I am going to use my phone for phone calls, I will check my emails at a time that is convenient to me, which is not while another actual human is trying to interact with me. If I’m the dinosaur, so be it, I embrace the insult. I sure bet I will be a happier human for it and I’m damn sure my kids will appreciate it one day….very distant in the future when they forgive me for making them wait until they are 18 for their first smart phone! Mummy’s sorry!


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